Leo Price teaches a relevant message on how God uses broken people. 

God wants to send refreshing to your dry place. Learn about how to have a real relationship with the Holy Spirit. 

Check Your Pace


We live a fast paced life that leads us to dryness. Learn how to change the pace of your life.

Don't let anything steal your joy! Even in a dry place don't let your attitude become harsh. Learn how to have a Christ-like Attitude.

We can change the world one person at a time. Learn from pastor Trevon how you can touch one person's life. 

In order to overcome a dry season, we need to take God's life choice option. Learn how to enjoy refreshing from God. 

The Family of God has a unique asset that no other organization or group has. It is the love of God. Learn how to share God's love effectively. 

God wants to change THE world when we change OUR world. Learn from pastor Trevon how to glorify God where you are. 

God wants us to change the world by influencing our world. Be a difference maker and bloom where you are planted.

God has given us relationships to help us through life. Learn how to receive the power of Faith Friendships. 

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